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3D Modeling Solutions
At Scale

Loft3Di is the only 3D modeling company that can meet the explosive demand for 3D content among leading e-commerce retailers, platform developers, and metaverse world builders.

3D Model Mesh

We have produced over 1 million models in-house
No outsourcing and No crowdsourcing

Don’t believe the hype. Scalability comes from a dedicated artist workforce with an efficient manufacturing mindset.


The Problem We Solve

Global e-commerce and digital experience platforms require a rapidly growing supply of high-quality 3D models that photoshoots, crowdsourced models, and internal modeling teams cannot deliver. 

  1. Impossible to Scale
  2. Compromised Quality Control
  3. Inconsistent Models
  4. Unrealistic Specifications

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Our Services

New Model Creation

Even with just a simple 2D reference image, we can create 3D models to meet your specifications.

1 /4
1 /4
Yellow Backpack Mesh
Yellow Backpack Studio Render
Yellow Backpack Simple Scene

Our Services

Model Conversion

The digital landscape is constantly changing. We provide model conversion services to transform your existing 3D content into industry standard specs based on your business use cases.

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2 /4
Skateboard Shadow Studio
Skateboard Mesh
Skateboard Details

Our Services


We can produce high-resolution product renders in a vast array of simple scenes and monochromatic or transparent backgrounds.

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3 /4
White Sneaker Simple Scene
White Sneaker Studio Render
White Sneaker Mesh

Our Services

Quality Assurance

Augmenting your digital team with QA resources is expensive. We offer robust, transparent internal QA services to limit your need for additional model review and editing.

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4 /4
Barrel Chair Simple Scene 01
Barrel Chair Simple Scene 02
Barrel Chair Multi Simple Scene 03

How We Work

Loft3Di built the blueprint for scalable 3D modeling production in Asia, and we follow it to meet the exacting needs of ecommerce retailers and 3D/AR/VR/XR platform developers. From 500 a month to 5000 a week (yes, a week) we have the labor and technology to support your 3D modeling needs.

  • Production Centers
    Our centers in China and Vietnam support significant ramps in production volumes.
  • Professional Modelers
    Intensive training programs ensure our on-staff modelers and QA experts consistently produce high-quality 3D models at unmatched scale.
  • High-Quality Models
    Thousands of models are delivered monthly.

Who We Are

Why Loft3Di

In addition to our highly-tuned manufacturing approach to 3D modeling production, we have a deep understanding of the digital landscape. This ensures our quality standards and your desired specifications are never compromised as we ramp up your volumes.

  • Uncapped Volume
  • High Quality
  • Absolute Consistency
  • Built to Scale

Uncapped Volume

We are experts in building your 3D modeling program and scaling it. Each month, we deliver thousands of 3D models for leading companies around the world.

High Quality

Customer confidence and marketing requirements are critical. We deliver 3D models that are accurate representations of the products you showcase and sell.

Absolute Consistency

Leading retailers require a steady stream of exclusive 3D content. We consistently deliver 3D content, tailored to your file requirements, complexities, and use cases.

Built to Scale

Loft3Di's full end-to-end project management includes highly-trained modelers, robust Quality Assurance, custom tooling capabilities, and CMS integration, ensuring quick and efficient delivery – every time.

Our Process

Skilled and dedicated Loft3Di teams ensure your product model complexities are thoroughly understood to efficiently deliver exactly what you need.

Through AI-driven bespoke tooling and intensive guidelines, our production team delivers a high-quality, consistent and secure output.

Our robust Quality Assurance team ensures the highest possible acceptance rates for your 3D models, saving you time and resources.

Leading retailers receive high-quality 3D models that meet their exacting standards and increase consumer trust and conversions.

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Our scalable solutions support the distinctive 3D modeling needs of leading
ecommerce retailers and platform developers. See what we can do for you.

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