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Who We Are

Loft3Di is the leading 3D modeling partner for the biggest players in the world.

3d model watch mesh
3d model watch mesh

Why We are Different

The need for 3D content continues to grow as retailers move away from cumbersome in-person photoshoots and developers require 3D content to fuel their immersive applications. Crowdsourced models and expensive internal modeling teams cannot deliver high-quality 3D models at scale. Loft3Di applies a manufacturing methodology to 3D modeling – achieving scale without compromising quality.

  • Rigorous Modeler Training
  • Automated Quality Assurance for Deliverable Specifications
  • Flexible but Efficient Production Pipelines
  • Best-in-Class Tools Paired with Bespoke Production Technology
  • No Crowdsourcing and No One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

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New to 3D? We can help you build a successful strategy.

There are many use cases for 3D models and content that can make an incremental positive impact on your business. Let us help you determine which 3D strategy is right for you. 

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Our scalable solutions support the distinctive 3D modeling needs of leading
ecommerce retailers and platform developers. See what we can do for you.

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