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High Quality, Photorealistic Asset Creation

Client Overview & Challenges

Furniture and home goods ecommerce retailer requiring a 3D modeling provider to produce high-quality models to meet their evolving photorealistic rendering needs, within a workflow leveraging client’s content management toolsets. The client’s aggressive quarterly ramp plan requires a modeling team that can consistently deliver on:

  1. Adaptation of evolving operational workflows

  2. Neutralizing environmental impacts included in product reference imagery that could alter the quality of the 3D model, and ensure final delivery of 3ds MAX 2020 and Vray Next models maintain product quality and photorealistic characteristics

  3. Weekly submissions with 2-week batch turnaround times

Customer Goals

  • High-quality models maintaining realistic qualities and are delivered in a format that can be rendered and featured in lifestyle imagery for websites and other marketing use cases
  • Monthly delivery and quality standards consistently met within target metrics, even with volume increases toward the upper limit of monthly forecasts

Loft3Di Solutions

Solution 1
Built a flexible workflow, through systems and dedicated teams, to support volume targets.

Solution 2
Zero crowdsourced labor utilized; Dedicated teams of 3D artists ensure consistent volume and quality targets are met

Solution 3
Provide system and operational support to improve efficiencies in daily project management


  1. Outcome

    Loft3Di delivers client-specific high-quality models daily, delivering within 2-week approval windows, and hitting 100% of volume targets
  2. Outcome

    ~75% of models are approved in one round of rework or less
  3. Outcome

    Over ~160K models delivered to date

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