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High Volume, Real Time Asset Creation

Client Overview & Challenges

Multi-vertical ecommerce retailer requiring a 3D modeling provider that can support integration into their existing content management system and scale modeling volumes rapidly with a multi-step Quality Assurance workflow. Client needed to identify a go-to 3D modeling provider that can rapidly scale while consistently delivering on:

  1. Quality expectations for Real Time Render assets and product variations for marketing and ecommerce use cases which require different file types, including .fbx, .glTF, and supporting maps

  2. Support in modeling hundreds of different product categories

  3. Consistently exceeding volumes of +1000 SKUs per month

Client Goals

  • Virtualize product catalogs to increase ROI and become the industry leader in offering flexible 3D content compatible with multiple platforms and use cases, like websites and shoppable web viewers
  • Streamline orders and mitigate error risk through custom systems integration and QA workflows
  • Establish weekly and monthly volume goals and consistent delivery turnarounds
  • Produce models to leverage in content that preserves customers’ trust

Loft3Di Solutions & Outcomes

  • Loft3Di consistently hits weekly and monthly volume targets, scaling to thousands of SKUs per month
  • Average delivery turnaround is every seven days; 90% of the time delivering orders within the same week
  • Change requests on average are less than 0.01%, attributed to dedicated teams, established linear workflows and automations
  • Built in-depth data management and reporting tools to track performance and trigger rapid triage management if system errors arise

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